Long-distance love, advice from a pro!

Advice on connecting long-distance

Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t be social!

I’m pretty good at connecting with people over the internet. I’ve maintained friendships, family contact and my current husband and I were long-distance friends, then a long-distance couple. The time span of our long-distance relationship is about five years! Now that I’m married I’m living in my spouses country, so that means that I am in a long-distance relationship with the rest of my family… I think that I might be a bit of a pro at this!

Activities you can do together.

There are lots of things that you and the person you’re connecting with can do with each other. So here are some of the things that I do with my loved ones to keep in contact!

  1. Play a game with each other. There are plenty of online games to suit every interestest. I play scrabble with my grandma, and pre-marriage played Don’t Starve Together, Minecraft and Stardew Valley with my hubby. There are plenty of games for every ability level and interest!
  2. Reading. My sister and I used to have a book club before both of our lives got to busy. We would choose something to read and discuss it together. It was fun while it lasted. I really recommend this one.
  3. Art club. I did this one with my mum and my sister. We would take turns choosing a topic or theme and create something relevant to that theme. We did drawings and paintings, but you could do this using any craft or creative medium! Send a picture or a copy to the other club members when you’re done!
  4. Question each other. Questions are a great way of checking in with the people in your life. My husband and I will frequent play question games, where we will google a list of questions to ask each other, and we will spend some time getting to know each other a little bit better!
  5. Letter writing. Confession: This is not something that I’ve ever done, but while writing this article, the idea came to me, and I think it’s sweet. Take some time to write down what you love and appreciate about the person you’re writing to. You can send this by email or Facebook or whatever.
  6. Movie watching. My husband and I used to watch movies over Netflix together. We would count down and then either mute both of our mikes to prevent echo, or plug in headphones so we could still talk over the film. Be careful if you’re in different countries, Netflix doesn’t have all of their films in every country, so double-check that you both have the same catalogue before getting too excited!

Everyone is trying to stay sane during this time of social distancing, and while we need to keep each other safe, we don’t have to sacrifice our relationships and connections to do so.

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