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I can write ‘in theory.’

I know that I can write the words, it’s doing it that’s difficult.

I know that I am fully capable of writing. Look I’m doing it right now, effortless, typing away at my keyboard without a care in the world. Until I begin to type with purpose, that’s when my writing motivation tends to get a bit skewed, and my confidence takes a nosedive.

Someone will actually read the garbage fire that I’m writing right now?

Sucks for them.

My problem is not with the process of writing or my ability to write. I know that I am capable of producing good pieces of work.

My problem is believing that my work is worth reading.

What value does my writing add to the world?

I think that’s the question that most writer’s ask themselves. We all started writing for one reason or another. All of those reasons boil down to one big reason. We want to be impactful.

We want to make a difference with our writing.

I know that I do. When I’m writing, I think about who I was when I was younger. I write for her. I don’t know how you feel about it, but that’s an awful lot of pressure. Mini-me was very difficult to please.

I look at my own work through the judgemental eyes of potential readers, and I’m still not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing yet.

I’ve done editing work for others and enjoyed the challenge of rewriting everything from CV’s, and admissions letters to full-on stories and I’m never as mean to anyone else as I am to myself.

Is that because my writing is worse and needs more work? Is it just because I expect more from myself than I do from others?

I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s the second one.

So how do I change my mindset?

The answer is quite simply: I’m not sure.

How do I shut my inner critic up?

I’m not sure I will ever see my writing as ‘good enough’ because it will never match the technicolour film of a story that is playing in my mind. On one hand that’s a good thing. I have something to improve upon.

My goal will always be higher than I can achieve, that means I won’t stop trying to improve, but it also means that I might never be satisfied with my work.

So how do I publish my writing?

By turning away from my computer and clicking the green publish button without looking.

The above statement is only partially a joke. Sometimes it does take that, especially if I’m submitting to other publications. I have a fear of rejection that I do not enjoy talking about.

Sometimes it’s about setting myself deadlines. That usually forces me to post something. Recently it’s been about being passionate about the topic, that gets me excited to post. Sometimes it is just taking a deep breath and being brave.

Why do I publish my writing?

I have to believe that my writing has something to offer.

I’m trying to be the guiding light for the young writer that I was and sometimes still am. I am attempting to answer any and all questions that I have or had on the topic of writing.

I have to believe that I’m helping someone like me.

I want to make resources and learning easier for writing. The learning curve is already so steep why is information so difficult to find?

I want to create a space where writers can come to get answers that actually answer their questions instead of fluff pieces about how ‘easy’ it is to write.

I don’t know if I’m doing it well, but I know that if I don’t put the information out there, I won’t help anyone. It’s that simple.

I’m becoming the website I needed to get my book on a bookshelf. I hope I can be that for others too!

Author, writer and general young unprofessional!

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