I guess it’s a good thing that it’s all personal preference. I’ve always been a person that is concerned about money. It’s important for me to be with someone who holds similar values. Just as it’s important for someone who enjoys expensive food to be with someone who enjoys that also. It’s more about compatibility than addiction in my specific case.

I have had addiction destroy a relationship before so I also understand that it is a difficult thing to go through as a couple. That is why being addicted to anything, would not be something I would want in a partner. The specific question, however, was about food, and while addiction to food may be unhealthy I would not consider it a deal-breaker if it was done in a way that would not break the bank, my priorities may be different than yours and that’s okay.

You have to decide what you’re okay with and not okay with in a relationship.

If someone's eating habits are not in line with yours it is okay not to date them. I don’t think that being picky in relationships is a bad thing, even if it slims down the dating pool. It’s certainly better than trying to make a relationship work when you know from the beginning that they have things going on in their lives that you consider a red flag.

Decide for yourself what is important, any issues or concerns you may have should be imagined spread out across the next ten years. How does the relationship look after that amount of time if things don’t get better?

Some hard choices need to made when choosing someone long term, it’s okay to know what you do and don’t want!

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