I've actually finished my 52 days and I'm quite happy with the result, now working on my second draft and changing that goal to be finished by the end of the year (though I'm only on chapter 3 so that goal might be a bit ambitious for the editing phase)

As for my prime tip it would have to be just start. I know that sounds kind of dumb but it's so easy to get stuck in the outling phase. You don't want that because then you will never feel ready to start.

There will be things that you want to change about your first draft, that's just part of the process.

Outlining and researching is important but it can get in the way of getting started. If you feel as though you have enough information I would say you're ready to start. You can always pause your writing to have a quick google search if you have to!

Start writing and see how it goes, your first novel attempt will help you learn a lot about how you write and what you need for your writing process.

Try a lot of different things and see what sticks! Don't get stuck using a method that doesn't work for you, try and stay flexible!

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