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Prepare for a sick day

If you’re doing what I’m doing and posting something every day I’m about to offer up some valuable information.

Unfortunately, this information is way too late for me. That is why I’m lying in bed, typing on my phone surrounded by tissues and mugs.

If you’re trying to publish every day, please prepare for a sick day!

I used to be good at scheduling ahead, but I let it slip. I didn’t think that having material prepared that far in advance was that necessary. I thought that I was doing fine, managing to come up with new ideas and post everyday. I forgot that life sometimes has other plans.

I forgot that I could sick.

Having that safety blanket of a few days where you know Medium will do its thing and you won’t have to worry about pumping out an article on a snot-filled day would be something I’d kill for.

Sure I could take a day off but that’s not in line with what I want to accomplish.

It’s not a long article but I hope you take it to heart. Protect your sick days, provide days off for yourself in advance. I’m off to find some chicken soup. As always, I cannot wait to see you on the bookshelf!

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