Covid-19 Birthdays

What a birthday feels like with social distancing.

Even when it’s good, it’s bad.

I’m going to be honest and upfront about my situation during this pandemic. I do not have it bad at all.

My life so far has hardly changed. It’s just scarier to go grocery shopping and walk the dog. I work from home normally. I don’t socialise too much.

The only things that have really changed are sports cancellation and an inability to buy flour, eggs and toilet paper. So, on the whole, I know that I am very blessed to be in the situation that I am currently in.

That being said, it was my birthday two days ago. It changed my positive can-do attitude about social distancing a little bit.

My day was good.

I had a really nice birthday. Technically I had two. My husband was working on my actual birthday, so we celebrated on Sunday. Both of my days were nice.

On the 28th, I got to call my family and friends, have great conversations with loved ones and enjoy a relaxed morning. Then I went out roller skating (keeping social distancing) with one of my friends from roller derby. When home, I got to watch movies, play games, eat ice cream and have a nap. It was a good day!

Sunday was also lovely. We went grocery shopping in the morning. Although the flour and egg sections were raided, so we couldn’t make a birthday cake. We usually bake a birthday cake together on a birthday. Instead, we settled for a store-bought one that was really tasty. Then we went on a long walk and played video games on return. It was a good day!

It wasn’t what I planned.

My plans for my birthday were originally a bit different.

Saturday the 28th of March my roller derby league was going to play a game. I was going to go to training and go watch the game. Afterwards, my husband and I were going to go to a Christmas dinner party, yes I know it’s very late, but they do it every March. I would get to get dolled up in a floor-length gown and enjoy dancing and chatting with friends.

While my birthday was nice, it wasn’t what I had been planning for myself.

Now normally I’m not a big birthday person, but this year it was my 25th. I thought it was kind of a big one, so I wanted to make it special. Have a really good day, ya know?

The thing is I was still able to have a really good day.

Why my birthday was great.

Despite not being physically with family or friends, they all came through. I felt loved and thought of.

Despite not getting to spend all day with my derby girls I got to go skating in the great outdoors in lovely weather with one of my friends!

Despite not getting to go out and celebrate in a long gown I got to go on a long walk with my husband and enjoy his company in again, amazing weather.

Despite not getting what I originally planned, I had a really good day.

What’s the point?

You can make any day special and worthwhile, whatever your current situation. Be flexible and fill the day with things that are possible to enjoy.

Being flexible in planning is a great life skill to learn, so instead of giving up on your birthday and rescheduling it for some point in the probably very distant future, enjoy the present.

Do something that you love, call people that you love, eat food that you love.

Ultimately your birthday is about celebrating life.

It was the day that you came into this world.

It’s celebrating experience, wisdom, age, success and so much more. So take the time to think about what you’ve accomplished. Take time to think about the lives that you surround your life with. Think about the journey that you’ve been on to get here.

Celebrate life in this time of chaos and uncertainty. It’s really worth celebrating!

Author, writer and general young unprofessional!

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