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Why interruption is a writer’s greatest enemy!

With technological advancement and accessibility to writing at an all-time high, we’re seeing more and more of our fellow writers giving this career path a shot. Advertising, connecting and offering up advice and expertise has never been easier. It’s also never been easier to get distracted.

We writers are notorious for distracting ourselves. We’re just good at it.

Head on over to the #WritingCommunity on twitter and scroll down for a bit, I guarantee you’ll find someone talking about how they ‘should’ be writing but instead they are chilling on twitter!

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Between Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube, not to mention countless other places for self-distraction it is becoming increasingly challenging to keep your writing time interruption-free! If we aren’t interrupting our own writing times with mini-breaks, the needs of the outside world begin to call to us. Interrupting our train of thought and derailing our ability to continue writing, forcing us to change the direction of our work, because we can’t remember what we were writing.

How to deal with outside interruptions.

Establish office hours if your loved ones interrupt you while you’re working you need to draw some boundaries. My husband is normally very good at not talking to me while I’m working, but sometimes he forgets and occasionally has to deal with my writer’s wrath.

We ended up discussing it the other day, redrawing the lines. It’s important to communicate with the people in your life about what you expect during your office hours. Life is important, but most of the time life can wait. If it’s not really really urgent, encourage your interrupters to wait until you’ve finished your writing time!

Sometimes taking the time to discuss what an acceptable interruption is can make the difference to your schedule.

If you don’t have set times, consider announcing your start time to whoever could interrupt you. Let your time frame for writing be clear, who knows. They might even hold you accountable when they see you secretly scrolling down twitter!

If the place that you work is still too distracting, consider taking your laptop or your notebook outside.

A local library often has an office space where you can take your writing. Consider removing yourself from the distracting environment and go on a hunt for a coffee shop or affordable workspace.

Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash

There are options for you outside of your home! We have a rooftop on our apartment, and if the weather is nice and I feel like being outdoors, I will go up there to write! If you can be flexible with your workplace, you could end up getting a lot done!

How to stop interrupting yourself.

If you interrupt yourself, you’re going to have to be firm. Recognise that maybe you don’t have the self-control that you think you do.

If it’s becoming a consistent problem and you’re frequently getting in your own way, consider downloading an app that keeps you off of your phone or computer during specific times.

Sometimes letting yourself be distracted can indicate a motivation problem.

If you’re not sure what you’re working towards it can be helpful to take a step back. Look at what you want to accomplish with your writing. Is it just this one book? Is it to make a living?

Reminding yourself of your goals can help to reignite that spark.

Knowing what your working for is a crucial part of managing your expectations, schedule and motivation!

Recognising when your writing is being interrupted and putting in boundaries is vital for every writer! Start putting in those little adjustments today and see the changes that tomorrow brings around!

As always, I cannot wait to see you on the bookshelf!

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